Mary Stamps Beebe, LMT

webpic Touch has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, from scratching my granddad’s back, to playing with my mom’s hair, to exchanging foot rubs with friends.   Even now, I can’t go a day without either giving or receiving, even a 5-minute shoulder rub.  I started suffering from migraines at seventeen.  When no medications worked for me, I turned to massage therapy and fell in love with it.

I am entering into my sixth year as a certified massage therapist and my fourth year in private practice. I did my training at the Virginia School of Massage, here in Charlottesville.  I love my career but it’s not as easy as the school’s commercials would have you believe!

The day after graduating, I went to the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, for an Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training program.   Interdisciplinary Yoga is a unique form of yoga that draws from diverse styles of yoga currently being practiced in the West.  My yoga training enhanced my knowledge of the way the body works as well as the relationship between the mind and body. When I returned from Costa Rica, I went back to the University of Virginia to get my bachelor’s degree in social sciences.

It still amazes me how mind affects matter.  Not only does emotional stress affect your sleep, mood, digestive system, cognition, and weight, it can also affect your muscles, bones, and joints.  That’s where I come in!


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