Over the course of many years I’ve had massages by a lot of different people, and Mary Smith has as nice a touch as anyone. She gives you the attention you deserve and can massage lightly or deeply; but what’s special about Mary is that she is one of those people you just feel happy being around because she is so light-hearted. When I see a massage with Mary on my calendar, I already feel better.


I am a certified Reflexologist in Charlottesville and have been in private practice for the past 5 years.  I was trained in “Integrative Reflexology” which is a more holistic approach than most other methods of reflexology.  I was so happy to find Mary, who had the same teacher as I did!  Mary is friendly, professional and very competent… plus she uses Young Living essential oils, which really takes the entire experience to another level!  I have been to many practitioners over the years, but Mary has that certain quality of touch and presence that makes you feel comfortable as soon as she puts her caring hands on you.  I loved the foot soak before the treatment and Mary’s attention to detail.  It was a very positive experience overall and I have recommended Mary many times.


Just received one of the BEST massages from Mary! Very quiet and relaxing atmosphere in quaint Crozet. This was my first with Mary and she was very attentive. We sat and had a nice “get to know you” conversation answering questions and details specific to my needs before she started. Very reasonable, no hassles parking and I have already made another appointment. If you are just visiting or live in the Charlottesville area (she will travel to you) I highly recommend BRMT.


I am a chef by trade & compulsive worrywart.  I had a HORRID neck pain and was referred to BRMT.  Mary Stamps worked her magic on my neck & entire body.  Before going to my appt. I was a tad apprehensive…going to be honest.  Not that I did not have confidence in her abilities but I have yet to learn how to relax at 47 years of age.  Low & behold the “relaxation gods” were smiling on me that day.  It was truly unbelievable & she had to awaken me from my relaxing sleep when the appt. was over. I cannot add enough WONDERFUL reviews for this professional massage therapist.  GO…in fact…RUN to her for an unbelievable massage.  She has hands of magic.


I have arthritis and multilevel degenerative disc disease and I see Mary as often as I can.  I have been to a multitude of massage therapists over the years and without question, Mary is the best massage therapist I have ever seen! She is professional, kind and pleasant.  She listens to what you know about your body, and can and will suit her pressure to your needs.  She has strong, sensitive hands and seems to know intuitively where the places of pain exist and hide.  I always leave her office with a more relaxed and looser musculoskeletal structure, less pain, and greater mobility.   I highly recommend her work.


After searching far and wide for a gratifying massage, the wait is over!  As a self-confessed massage snob, it is time to trumpet Mary’s service.  She is very professional, tuned into her customer’s needs, and a fabulous massage therapist. She loves her art, and it shows in how you feel when she’s finished.  We’re so lucky to have her in Crozet!  I think so highly of her, I see her monthly!


Amazing massage from Mary, and that is coming from a lifelong massage addict who has visited spas in san fran, NYC and DC.  Strong, firm pressure – perfect symmetry and balance.  Relaxing location in Crozet.  On a scale of 1-10, she is an 11. Already saving up for my next massage – surely will have to be 90 minutes next time!  I’m guessing once the secret of Blue Ridge Massage gets out I’ll have to book far in advance…


The sport/deep tissue massage on my neck and upper back helped tremendously. My upper back and neck felt great afterwards. Working at a desk all day and driving long distances can increase tension.  The massage helped my muscles get back to normal. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Mary came by our house on a Friday afternoon to give my wife a massage for an hour. From the feedback my wife gave me, Mary is a consummate professional and did a fantastic job. My wife’s neck had been bothering her and she came away from the massage pain free and relaxed. Mary not only knows her trade, but she’s friendly and fun to talk to as well. Can’t wait to schedule her again!

  2. Mary gave both my husband and I hour long massages back-to-back. Mary is very knowledgable and massages from her are very relaxing. If you live outside of Crozet, it is worth the drive to get a massage from Mary. Thanks so much Mary. ~holly & seth

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